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"Search for the Truth"

The U.S. Senate is once again mired in the misdeeds of the previous leader in the 2nd impeachment trial precipitated by inciting insurrection, or treason against the U.S. government. No matter which side of the political persuasion you may reside in, you, like most people in the U.S., are probably tired, bored, and annoyed with the charade. The jurors of the trial are the current sitting members of the U.S. Senate. By law, they are to be impartial and weigh the evidence presented by the House Managers and defense attorneys. However, it is already clear that they are not interested in facts, and all of them have made up their minds. So this is now a show for TV with no impact on the governance of this country and the welfare of this nation's people. The U.S. Senators have closed their minds to search because to be open to search takes courage and conviction. The search takes thought and willingness to accept uncomfortable things. The closed mind does not represent conviction but fear. As a Christian, we must be open to the process of search because we all agree on the fundamental fact that God is bigger than us, and it is impossible for human beings to have a complete and clear understanding of the divine. Many claimed that they have found the "Truth" and can wrap it up in a simple sentence. However, this is misguided. Faith means we are on a journey to find the truth, but we will never fully find the truth. In the search process, we experience the guidance of the Spirit and the grace of God. As a community of faith, we come together to encourage one another to continue in our search. When we are tempted to give up on the search, we find the strength we need from others. When we experience a glimpse of the truth, we celebrate together as a community. Let us be open to the work of the Spirit in us individually and as a community so we may see a glimpse of God. Let us journey together as a community encouraging each other in their search for God. Pastor Sunny

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