Diaper Ministry 

We are happy to provide Covid-19 relief to parents through our Diaper Ministry every second Tuesday of the month from 10 am to 12 pm. Please bring your baby to pick up diapers. 


Who We Are:

We're a small congregation that has partnerships with other organizations. We work together because we about the community that is experiencing challenges during the pandemic. This is our way of providing the love of Jesus by providing the community with much-needed items. 


Whom We Serve:

This ministry helps parents/guardians who are in need of diapers. All are welcome here. Most of the parents we serve are referred to us by social workers or other moms. 

What We Do:

We distribute diapers directly to caregivers and other baby items that may be available.

In addition, we rely on your donations to assist us in our efforts to help parents in need. 


Where We're Located:

On the parking lot of 2208 S. Union Ave. 

When We Distribute:

We're open every second Tuesday of the month from 10 am to 12 pm 

Can't make that date and time? You may make an appointment. 

For more information: 

email: april@uuc-la.org

phone: 213-748-0209


What are your expectations? 

We expect you to bring your child, wear a mask and practice social distancing while in line. If you do not have a mask, we will provide you with one. During the sign-in process, we will ask you for information for reporting purposes.

Do I need to bring my children? Do I need to bring anything else? 

Please bring your baby to pick up diapers. Documentation of any kind is not required (no ID, no bills). Please bring your own bag if possible. 

What do you give out? 

We distribute mostly diapers and what we give out is based on our donations. Sometimes we give out baby hygiene products, wipes, or feminine hygiene products.  We highly recommend that you give us a call at 213-748-0209 to ask if we have your baby's size available. Thank you. 

Would you like to help our diaper ministry? 

We need a bilingual volunteer to assist us with the distribution.

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