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We distribute
baby diapers and menstrual products on the first Thursday of the month from 10 am to 11 am at the food bank located on the corner of 23rd & Union Ave. 

Please bring your baby and your own bag to pick up diapers. Thanks! 

Who We Are:

We're a small congregation that has partnerships with other organizations. We work together because we care about the community experiencing financial challenges. This ministry is our way of demonstrating the love of God by providing the community with much-needed essential items. 

We want to provide support because federal assistance doesn't cover diapers, and kids in daycare/schools require a supply of diapers. We saw that families had to choose between prioritizing the cost of food over diapers and decided to step up. We aim to provide low-income families with the necessary supplies so babies are healthy, kids can go to daycare, and parents can go to work.


We also provide menstrual products because these items are not only essential but also expensive. Menstrual products are a medical necessity that is unjustly taxed. We believe that the cost burdens low-income women and discriminates against them. Our assistance alleviates the stress and burden that come with costly essential items and helps keep people healthy, and gives them peace of mind. 


 We Serve:

This ministry helps parents/guardians who need baby diapers and women who need menstrual products. All are welcome here. Most of the families we serve are referred to us by social workers or other parents of the community. 

What We Do:

We distribute diapers directly to caregivers in need and other baby items available.

We also distribute menstrual products such as maxi pads, thin pads with wings, and tampons. 

Where We're Located:

On the corner of 23rd St. and Union Ave. at 1053 W. 23rd Ave. 

When We Distribute:

We distribute baby diapers and menstrual products on the first Thursday of the month from 10 am to 11 am. 


Who do I contact if I have any questions about this service?


Email us at

What are your expectations? 

We expect you to bring your child, wear a mask, and practice social distancing while in line.

We will ask you for basic information (e.g., your name and diaper size) for reporting purposes during the sign-in process. You do not need to bring income verification or show your ID. 

Do I need to bring my children? Do I need to bring anything else? 

Please bring your baby to pick up diapers. Please bring a shopping bag. 

What do you give out? 

We distribute mostly baby diapers and menstrual products.  Sometimes, we give out baby hygiene products, wipes, or sanitizers.  Occasionally, we get other donated goods. 

Would you like to help our diaper ministry? 

Click here to view our Amazon Wishlist.

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