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"Living for Others"

For the past ten days, Los Angeles has been rocked by the leaked recording of the racist comment-laden secret power-grabbing meeting of three City Council members and the head of the local unions.

The tape revealed the degradation of the ethics of the people in leadership. This is not an LA phenomenon but a national shame. This week the former president, the 45th mistake, had to give a deposition on his rape charges (we know that he is a rapist), the British Prime Minister had to resign in disgrace only after 45 days in the office for utter incompetence, and the January 6th treason hearing is showing just how badly the corruption has taken hold of not only the protesters but those of the republican party.

Furthermore, the faulty decisions of the NOT-so supreme immoral court demonstrate not only their judicial incompetence but also their fundamental misunderstanding of the purpose of the law. Since they lied to get the job, we know they are incapable of protecting the truth. Their decisions show that they do not understand the responsibility of leadership but that they are blinded by the glare of the spotlight they so greedily bribed to get.

The Scripture is clear God instituted the Ten Commandments to protect the weak, poor, and the powerless. A society is civil when no one is oppressed, everyone has equal rights, and the wealth of the community is shared equitably with all. However, some people believe that the law is to be the heavy hammer controlling people's behaviors. To them, the people serve the law rather than the law serving the people.

To those who followed Jesus, it was clear that God gave laws so everyone could live in harmony and share whatever they have with one another. This is the reason the early followers of Jesus shared all they had, so no one had a need.

Those who call themselves conservative evangelicals have failed Jesus because they misunderstand the meaning of living out our faith in our public life. While we are to use the love of Jesus as a means to encourage those who are oppressed, to lift up those who are downtrodden, and speak the truth to the power, they sold their soul to 30 pieces of silver as they lusted for the power to oppress. They have been deceived and are delusional.

The call of the church is not to greedily seek power for personal gain, but the people of Jesus are called to care for the poor widows, serve the fatherless, and protect the aliens. We are not called to live to enjoy life, but we are called to live for others so we can enjoy life. The Scripture is clear that Jesus did not live nor die for himself, but he lived and died so others may come to know the love of God. Just as Jesus lived for others, we are called to live for others.

Pastor Sunny

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