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Sun Rises on the Good and Evil

This Sunday, we will look at one of the most amazing portions of the Bible. The words of Jesus defy everything we know about life and human relationships. As we read the words of Jesus where says, love your enemies and pray for anyone who mistreats you.”

“No Way!” is my response to God when I read the text. I am sure you respond better because you are better than me. Jesus is making this Christian faith really difficult.

Jesus clarifies that if we claim to be one of his followers, our lives have to demonstrate his values. Our lives are to be different than others. Some people have tried to show the difference by how they dressed, not using certain words, not drinking alcoholic beverages, and not smoking, among others. However, all these are superficial and are meaningless.

The difference Jesus wants is in how we treat others. We are to show God’s love to everyone whom the sun shines on and rain falls on. Jesus says that the sun does not distinguish between good and evil, and the rain does not differentiate between those who do right and wrong. Jesus is clear that we, as human beings, cannot judge whom God accepts and whom God rejects.

There are some who claim to be Christians also claim that they know whom God accepts and whom God rejects. They claim that they have the divine ability to look into the human heart and determine who is acceptable to God and who is not. Their claim to know who is “saved” and who is “damned to hell” appears to be in direct contrast to the words of Jesus. They claim they know who has the “truth” and who is following a “false God.” What arrogance.

For decades, younger people all around the world walked away from institutional religion because it was too hypocritical and religious people were too judgmental. I think these young people must read the Bible and take the words of Jesus to heart. Maybe it is time that rather than trying to tell people what we believe, it is time for us to prove the truth of Jesus by living out the grace as Jesus demands from his followers.

Let us “love” as God loves.


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