Next steps for first-time visitors: 

Thinking about visiting us in person? Great, we're happy to meet you. We get it, visiting a church can be daunting so here's a little helpful guide. 

Parking is located at 2208 S. Union Ave with handicap parking closest to the sanctuary. 
The sanctuary looks like this on the outside: 


What to expect 
Worship service starts at 10:30 am, but if you come earlier, you're welcome to join us for breakfast - we serve pancakes and coffee. 

Don't worry about wearing a name tag or being called out as the "visitor." We don't like the former, and the latter is somewhat embarrassing.  However, don't be surprised if one of our members or the pastors greets you with a friendly hello and starts a conversation with you before or after service. 

During service, some people are eating or walking to get coffee; some even bring their well-trained dogs because they're family members too; it's just how we do things. 

You may follow along with the service with whatever is on the screen or click here to get the Bulletin (which shows the order of service and has the liturgy material).

After service, people stay for lunch, and you're welcome to eat with us.  

Expect a diverse group of people who love the Lord and their neighbor and don't take themselves too seriously. We take the Bible seriously, but we don't read it literally. 

Some things that are FYI:
We wear masks even though most of us are vaccinated, and we can give you one. 

We don't pass an offering plate but feel free to donate if your heart desires to give or make a difference.

The restrooms are located at the back of the sanctuary and are labeled, the second one is larger and accessible. 

If you want us to contact you,  fill out the info card by the entrance and give it to  Shirley or the pastor. 

Please feel free to speak directly to the pastor if you have any questions. He loves talking and helping people, probably because he's a warm extrovert. 


What if I have kids? 
Feel free to bring them to service. We don't have a childcare area, but we do have a small Sunday School, and they are free to attend. While the "special music" is playing towards the middle of the service, the teacher brings them to a nearby, quiet area, they do fun activities, and she brings them back at the end of service. (The teacher used to work in public schools, rest assured that she'll get them back to you).

Do I need to dress up? 
Not at all. We like you just the way you are. 

What if I'm not sure about God, Christianity, or about going to church? 
That's perfectly fine. We understand, and in fact, we appreciate it. Why? That way, we can answer your questions. And we will listen to you as you go through your spiritual journey. We also want you to explore faith and God at your own pace. 

Why are you guys so ... different? 
Every church has its unique personality and set of values. We highly value inclusiveness and fellowship, which is reflected in the diversity of our members. We're also one of the few bi-denominational churches in CA. We are both United Methodist and Presbyterian. 

You guys sound awesome. How can I learn more? 
Exlpore the "About" section of this site. 
Check us out on social media,  links are found in the icons in the lower right hand corner of this page.
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Email for any questions or concerns
Visit us and check us out in person

Thanks for checking out this page and we look forward to meeting you!


Please pardon our outdoor appearance.

We are currently in the process of developing the property which will happen in stages. Stay tuned because the transformation is going to be fabulous!