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On this Independence Day weekend, I am truly enraged by this morning’s irresponsible, reprehensible rulings handed down by the corrupt, ill-equipped, and incompetent NOT-supreme court. They have done has shown their lack of understanding of the purpose of the law.

The history books say that U.S. independence was for the purpose of becoming free from oppression from the British. The Colonist, who could not obtain their wealth in Europe because the economic system favored the already rich and powerful, sought to create a place where they, the poor and oppressed, had the freedom to pursue who they wanted to be, live their lives as they chose, and enjoy the benefit of their labor.

The Colonists wrote laws to ensure that no one should be denied their right to be free. They worked to rid themselves of the oppressive laws that favored the powerful; they believed that the cost of denying the common people freedom, the cost was their soul, was too high a price to pay.

The new laws gave preferential treatment to the poor and oppressed; to create equity, the new laws gave an unfair advantage to those who were vulnerable to being taken advantage of by those who had the wealth to buy their power. The fundamental belief of the U.S. was that freedom should not be sold to the highest bidder, but freedom is an inalienable right of every person. To ensure that the intent of the foundation of the U.S. was not lost, laws for the “protective class” were implemented. The modern language of the formerly “poor, tired, and huddled masses” is women, children, disabled, disadvantaged, LGBT, and people of color.

Today’s incompetence shows us that the injustices have pandered to the power of bigotry and partiality, and they have been paid off. They acted to deny freedom to those already experiencing discrimination and promoted injustice. Rather than stating that the U.S. is a country for all people, they sold their soul and the soul of this nation to bigots and fools for flights on private jets and paid vacations. We are left to wonder if they even know how to read because it is clear that they never read the laws of this land. We already know that they don’t know how to spell justice.

The purpose of the law is to protect the vulnerable, but today’s actions, bigotry guised as Christianity, is an insult, not only to this country but also to every person who seeks to follow the Way of Jesus. Jesus told the pompous religious fakes that there was a hell for hypocrites. He told those who denied the poor clothing, food, water, or any other fundamental rights that he did not know them. To those who were persecuted for their differences, he offered them compassion, acceptance, and eternal blessing in paradise.

When a Colorado hypocrite is allowed to brandish her hatred openly under the lie that her misguided non-Jesus religion gives her the right to discriminate freely, our national moral foundation is weakened. When the Injustices misinterpreted her prejudice as her freedom, they threatened the very moral core of our nation. We are only free if our actions free others. When our actions and beliefs deny anyone any freedom, we enslave ourselves under the bondage of bigotry and hatred.

This Independence Day, let us be people of freedom and free everyone from hatred and bigotry.

Pastor Sunny

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