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Image of God Within

In recent years, I have emphasized the importance of the theology of creation. Not the silly notion that God created the world in six (6) 24-hour days and that the creation stories in the bible are historically accurate. Some even believe that dinosaurs did not exist because the bible does not say anything about them. They also believe the world is only a few thousand years old.

The real danger of those who believe in this is that they believe the physical body is sacred, but not the soul. They vilify those who believe in the science of evolution and engage in terroristic bombings of family planning medical clinics claiming they are saving lives. They murder doctors who provide family planning medical procedures because they say they believe in the value of human life.

The biblical stories of creation make clear that the physical human was the lowest of all creation. While all other nature was created by God’s words, humans were created from already created material, the dirt. Also, in every culture, dirt is the most base and looked down upon. The story of human creation was to emphasize the value of the human soul.

Oral tradition stories are made up of stories of a group of people to address a social need. This is why there are six different creation stories in the bible. The Jewish creation story is a racially oppressed people claiming their equal value as a people group. They created a narrative that states that the value of humanity is not in its physical form but the “breath” of God within them.

Today, the LGBTIQA+ community is being oppressed by the cultural-Christians akin to Nazism in Germany pre-WWII. Scapegoating a people group as the ill of the society is the act of a cowardly and spiritually bankrupt group of people who uses religion for power and economic gain.

John said, “God is love,” to remind us that humans are social beings by God’s design. Shared love between people is a spiritual activity humans engage in to express the image of God within us. The image of God is within our soul; therefore, socially limiting the freedom of expression of love makes the social norm the authority, not God.

The sacredness of human life is not the physical form but in the breath of God within each person. The spiritual responsibility of the faith community is to walk with each person as they live out their spiritual sacredness in their every relationship.

To limit the expression of human love to only for the purpose of producing offspring is dishonoring and demeaning God’s divine act of creation. The way to honor the creator is for the creation to fulfill its purpose; God is love, and we honor God’s image within us in our loving relationships. God is our authority, not the social norm. Affirming the LGBTIQA+ community is a sacred act of the Church.

Pastor Sunny

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