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Importance of Hope

Easter Sunday was last Sunday, but Easter is not over.

Actually, Easter started last Sunday. The Christian Church liturgical calendar reminds us that we are now in the season of Easter until Pentecost Sunday. This is the season that we celebrate Jesus being on earth ministering to his disciples until his Ascension. Just as Lent was 40 days, so is the Easter season.

Too often, we stress the death of Jesus to our own peril, and we miss the real message: Jesus suffered, but he did not lose faith. He was tortured, but he did not give in to hate. He died, but he rose from the dead. He was buried, but he overcame the grave. His life was taken from him, but he arose to give new life to everyone else.

Too often, we spend weeks on Lent and think about sacrifice and death, but once the chocolate bunny’s ear is eaten, we wonder what is next. We miss the real message of Easter.

Easter just began, and we are in the season of new life. This is the season of joy, not just because Jesus rose from the dead, but because his resurrection has restored our hope. This is the season of our hope.

We are Easter people. We are the people of hope, of new life. We are to live out the message of Easter every day of our lives. Easter is not over because new life just began. We are to celebrate Jesus with us.

This Easter season, let us live the new life of living Jesus among us.

Pastor Sunny

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