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“Moral Courage to Redeem Moral Culpability”

Recent morally-bankrupt decisions of the NOT-supreme corrupt court are the culmination of more than 50 years of power-buying schemes and conniving by a small minority. The moral failures of the executives, jurists, and legislators, who had sworn to protect the democracy and serve the people, make them morally culpable for the suffering and cruelty they have unleashed on the most vulnerable of our society. This is one of the darkest hours of our history. This also, however, means that we have a reason to hope for a brighter future.

When power is misused, the powerless must muster the moral courage to make the powerful atone for their moral culpability. The misuse of power is a moral failure, and removing those who misuse power from their position of power is the only way to save society from moral bankruptcy and people safe. Since power is their temptation, they must be removed from power; since they do not know how to use power properly, they must not have any power. The moral courage of the powerless is the only redemption of the morally culpable powerful. The safety of society and the salvation of the powerful are in the hands of the powerless.

In 1913, U.S. citizens decided that the constitution needed a correction. The 17th Amendment put the power of selecting the Senators in the hands of the citizens. The people of the 20th century decided that the founders’ idea of the state legislators appointing Senators among the wealthy landowners was archaic and corrupt. They decided that the wealthy Governors and legislators appointing wealthy Senators to appoint wealthy NOT-supreme court was too corrupt for their time. Since the campaign finance laws now allow unlimited donations, it is time to put an end to the corrupt Senate appointing their corrupt cronies to the NOT-supreme corrupt court. It is time to make another correction to the constitution. We need a new Amendment.

Recent contradictory opinions of the NOT-supreme corrupt court regarding states’ power to limit reproductive rights but not to protect their citizens from gun violence make it clear that many of the current members lack the judicial intelligence for the nation to trust their decisions. We must change the way the court is filled. The people must speak up. It is time for all jurists to be elected by the voice of the people and not by a few incompetents, morally bankrupt, power-seeking, and easily-bribed senators. The voice of 250 million people is much more reliable than that of mere 100 bribe-seeking inept politicians who have two mouths and no ears.

We must have the moral courage to hold the powerful accountable for their moral culpability.

Pastor Sunny

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