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Some of our members visited a migrant shelter in Tijuana and attended a worship service with the World Mission, Peacemaking Program and other Presbyteries

Check out Kristina's reflection from her US/Mexican Border trip: 

37 of us from across the country traveled to Tijuana, Mexico, and walked across the border. We spoke with many people: men and women who run refugee centers, the Pastor of the "Border Church" where we worshipped on Sunday, a lawyer named Erica who sued the U.S. government multiple times on behalf of immigrants, and countless others. What struck me most was that even though the asylum seekers we met were faced with unlikely odds- the fact that they had even arrived to Tijuana was a miracle because of the difficult and dangerous journey- they were still hopeful. The woman who ran  a large refugee center, which at one point held 300+ people, cared for the refugees like they were her family. I came away from the trip truly moved that so many people care about these people who are trying to enter into the United States. It is these unsung heroes who are getting stuff done and who inspire me to do more.


- Kristina


Check out Kristina's photos here:

Checkout Sonia's photos here: 

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