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Attack on Women

As the nation is preparing to celebrate all mothers, Alito (I can’t call him Justice because he is making a political statement, not a judicial ruling) and his fellow hate-filled power-hungry members of the Supreme Court are attacking the dignity of women of this country.

They are misguided at best, but more likely, they sold their souls to wealthy individuals to obtain well-paid lifetime appointments without clauses for impeachment or recall. Their utter recklessness will turn the U.S. into a chaos-filled lawless land; the U.S. will no longer be a democracy with checks and balances of three independent branches, but we will become a plutocracy. Dereliction of their sworn duty as guardians of the rights of the people is beyond reprehensible.

The inept political cronies of two Bushes and Trump have led this country into a quagmire of extreme polarization. They pandered for lifetime jobs by promising to overturn Roe. They were appointed not for their legal scholarship nor their jury prudence but for their lack of integrity and open willingness to be puppets of extremism. Their record makes it clear that these individuals are making decisions not on facts or through careful examination of the law but are only espousing predetermined views of those who bought them.

The leak of Alito’s paper reveals that the argument for violating women’s rights is based on the absence of the word “abortion” in the Constitution. Extending this foolish argument would leave us saying that since the Constitution does not mention “computers,” we should not use them. It does not mention “car,” so we should be riding horses and buggy. Also, it does not mention Asians, so Asians should not be allowed become citizens. It also does not mention Hispanics, so they too should be deported. This argument is childish, irrational, and simply dumb.

They claim to promote the literal reading of the Constitution, except for the Second Amendment. The 2nd Amendment, one of many corrections to the Constitution and not the original intent of the founding fathers, gave the people the right to have “muskets.” This was added during the war to raise an army of terrorists against the British. However, the Constitution, nor its corrections, do not mention semi-automatic handguns or automatic rifles; therefore, the literal reading argument would require that all “arms” except for muskets be outlawed. However, in the case of weapons, the same hypocritical legal pretenders did not read the Constitution literally but interpreted it to appease their racist white power base.

Promoting literal reading of the Constitution is as foolish as reading the Bible literally. This only canonizes a culture that is outdated even before the ink of those words is dried. Just as it debases the Bible, it demeans the Constitution. The Constitution is a living document, a timeless philosophy of the land to protect its people, not a meaningless piece of paper.

It is also hypocritical as the same people who want to outlaw every form of abortion, including in the cases rape, incest, and danger to the life of the mother and/or child, are the same people who claimed personal privacy to fight against the mask mandates. The argument was that the government could not impose a mask mandate during a pandemic because it violated their personal privacy, even if it was to save their lives. This was the same argument used when the speed limit, seat belt laws, and laws against driving drunk were instituted. However, these same individuals have no problem declaring that women do not have any rights over their bodies. Once a woman becomes pregnant, she will lose all personal rights and become public property.

If the abortion ban is implemented, the U.S. will cease to be a democracy. Polls show that a majority of U.S. citizens believe that a reproductive right is a woman’s natural God-given right that a government does not have the power to regulate. But the will of the majority will be trampled on by the few, and the violation of human rights will be the norm. As a church, we must fight against tyranny and declare ourselves as a “Choice Sanctuary” in support of women’s rights.

Pastor Sunny

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